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Why Opoint Technology?

Opoint was aqcquired by M-Brain in April, 2016.  Opoint technology offering includes web monitoring & technology solutions to more than 50 Media Monitoring Companies, Social Media providers and other Business Intelligence Companies.

The focus of Opoint technology has been on delivering web content to other media monitoring companies and Opoint solution is now the world leader in media monitoring industry, if counted volume wise. M-Brain has now together with Opoint the largest source list in Europe and growing fast in the US.

What sets Opoint offering apart from other service providers in the market is the ability to crawl both paywall sites and galleries, the speed, the source coverage and the technical flexibility.
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What we do

We are known for our high quality technology solutions. We deliver content to many different media monitoring companies in Europe, USA, APAC and Russia.

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Deliver to more than 50 global enterprises

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White Label

Media monitoring plattform and app

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Various technology solutions

Customized products

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About Us

The international team, located in Oslo, consists of Jon Anders Tangnes, COO International (right), Rune Kleveland, CTO (left) and Kristiina Öis, International Project Manager (middle). Together with the support from IT and the rest of the organization, we work to assist and support our international clients. In April 2016, the Global Media Intelligence corporation M-Brain bought Opoint, which is now a part of the M-Brain Group. You can read more about M-Brain or their website.

Fun facts:

  • We deliver web feeds to more than 50 MMO’s, search portals and sales intelligence companies
  • We collect 2.8 million articles each day from approximately 140 000 sources
  • On average, we find new articles faster than Google News

Opoint is a full member of AMEC, the Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication


Opoint is a member of FIBEP, Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse


Opoint, together with Danish Infomedia, is part of MIA, giving customers coverage to the best Nordic media