Why Opoint?

Opoint’s strongest offer lies in web monitoring and technology solutions which we deliver to numerous global clients.

Opoint also offers media monitoring and analysis services in Sweden and Norway with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Tallinn. With our FIBEP network, we’re able to monitor print and RTV from almost any country in the world.

Whatever your data needs are, we can deliver!

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What we do

Opoint is mostly known for its high quality technology solutions. We deliver content to many different media monitoring companies in Europe, US, Russia and India. On the local market we are well known for our print monitoring and analysis services.

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Technology Solutions

Deliver to more than 40 media monitoring companies

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Media Monitoring

Print media provider in Sweden & Norway

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Analysis & Editorial

Basic methodology with customized solutions

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M-Brain acquires Norwegian media intelligence company Opoint
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About Us

Opoint has 150 employees in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Tallinn. The international team, located in Oslo, consists of Jon Anders Tangnes, COO International (right), Rune Kleveland, CTO (left) and Kristiina Öis, International Team Leader (middle). Together with the support from IT and the rest of the organization, we work to assist and support our international clients. Our brand is well-known and we would love to tell you more about us!

In April 2016, the Finnish media intelligence corporation M-Brain bought Opoint, and Opoint is now a part of the M-Brain group. You can read more about our parent company on M-Brains website. 

Fun facts:

  • We deliver web feeds to more than 40 MMO’s
  • We collect 2.2 million articles each day from approximately 130 000 sources
  • On average, we find new articles faster than Google News
  • Everyday, we send newsletters to more than 20 000 users from 1 800 customers
  • Each year we deliver more than 750 media analyses

Opoint is a full member of AMEC, the Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication


Opoint is a member of FIBEP, Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse


Opoint, together with Danish Infomedia, is part of MIA, giving customers coverage to the best Nordic media