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Benefits of Opoint Technology

Flexible technology allowing different solutions such as

  • tracking of articles
  • pure news-gathering
  • automatically login to password-protected sites
  • supply of all images on gallery pages
  • thumbnails delivery of articles

Minimal delay from when an article was published until it has been downloaded

  • on average approximately only 6-9 minutes delay
  • all sources are checked asynchronously for new links

Manual configuration of sources to provide high quality and supply customers with

  • all articles from Opoint Technology´s entire monitoring list or
  • articles from specific countries or
  • articles from specific sources.

Competitive source coverage

Opoint Technology handles on a daily basis 2,8 million articles from 145.000 sources, and in the database users can do historical research in more than 2 billion articles. Opoint technology offers all the tools, that the users need to keep a complete overview of the daily news coverage, or to do research in historical data. Both in app and via desktop, users are able to create new search profiles and view statistics. Many years of collaboration with some of the biggest media monitoring companies in the market has given to Opoint technology solutions good references.